Sunday, 4 November 2012

You, light up my life…..

I could write a whole post about LED downlights but to be honest I am sick of researching them, getting 100 different opinions about them, wondering why the same thing costs 3 times the amount retail to ebay and why doesn’t the Electrician give a straight answer to a simple question – i.e. can we have these lights. We can’t wait any longer so are just buying what we think is the right thing, they are complete kit 12w or 15w gimble white dimmable LEDs lights with a warm white globe – degree beam 60 ($50 on ebay and $170 from Brodie lighting at Brookvale – interesting). If these don’t turn out to be the ‘right’ thing then I will be inserting them somewhere the sun does not shine.
On a brighter note (hee hee) heaps has been happening at the house and it is really taking shape. The gyprock has made a huge difference and we can really picture ourselves living there. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and so far we have not looked at anything and thought “god that looks terrible” etc; but enough boring stuff, lots of photos below
Lounge/dining area looking at at the backyard - love our big stacker sliding door with little lourves above

Looking towards the kitchen - skylights on the right


The three skylights - make a huge difference to the amount of light inside




Bedroom 2 upstairs

Bedroom 2 with triangle window which mirrors the slope of the roofs

Upstairs landing

Upstairs landing

Storage room (S&M room - rack to be installed next week)


Master bedroom

Master bedroom - wardrobe and hall

Ensuite with underfloor heating - pipe shows where freestanding bath will go

Ensuite and my atrium

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