Sunday, 11 November 2012

What I'm stressing about this week.....

Downlights in the wardrobe - we have two door activated downlights in our wardrobes (LED wide beam 12 watt) but the joiner suggested an LED strip instead. Crap - I wish he hadn't said anything (or do I), now I'm thinking do I or don't I, where will the powerpoint go. Will need to make a quick decision so the electrician doesn't cut a hole for a light which might not exist

Ceiling in hallway - why is there a new frame there? Why is my ceiling 8cm lower than it was? How will a new/old cornice go back so there is now not enough space for that and the picture rail. Must have the picture rail as we can't put holes into old brick and lime mortar - they just come straight back out again. Builder is away this week so maybe I just need to wait and see but then the plastering might get done and then there is no turning back

Rainwater tank - why did I not realised that my glorious 1.2 metre side access (great for Leichhardt) would end up being 700mm with the tank in. How do I bring in my double door fridge, what about the 3300mm long sofa? The tank is only 380mm wide but with the slab etc it will still come out further. Why had I not considered this? This will be an issue, not just moving in, but in the future if we buy anything else. Our bar-b-que was bought on ebay for $80 and it pretty crappy but if we get a new one it won't go down the side and we have no rear lane access.

House numbers - actually no stress but do I go too big or too small? I can just the right size from the US but for $110 plus postage - no thanks. So it's either 65mm or about 120mm - might make a test up and see how they look.

Exterior paint colours - had it all picked and am now having 2nd thoughts due to comments about my main colour looking like nappy poo. Unfortunately I can get no help from Mr R as he is colour blind (very beneficial in other ways though - see interior decorating below)

Purchased a letterbox from Bunnings, very stock standard but I thought either make a feature of it or just have it blending in. The price was right at $50 including the heavy duty post. Unfortunately no where to put the letterbox as Leichhardt Council (expletives removed) have insisted on two stormwater pits in the front garden with grates on top so I can access them to remove leaves - haa haa, as though that is going to happen. The front yard is about 1.8 metres x 2.5 metres so two pits in the front is well, ridiculous.

Pretty things - met with Steph at the house, she was my teacher at evening college and is a professional Interior Decorator. We had a great time going over the plan for the master bedroom. I will be looking at curtains etc in the 2nd bedroom and lounge room but that will be down the track a bit but I wanted to have a nice bedroom and I've spent too much money on the past on things that don't go together so I wanted professional help. We are going to do a wallpaper wall behind the bed with a tall mauve bedhead (style to be decided), some lovely sheer/shimmery curtains with blockout behind, bedside tables, lamps and some gorgeous cushions and bed runner. Will be very excited to see it all come together.

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