Monday, 12 November 2012

Variety is the spice of life but variations I’m not so keen on

It seems there are always unexpected costs with a major renovation, especially on an old house, even with the best of planning. We had allowed a pathetic contingency of 5% in the hope that we knew all the problems with the house and were addressing them but there have still been some unknowns. We are not yet at the end of the build but thought I would share the extras that have come up so far. Some are us wanting what we want (and not willing to compromise - Mr R or I); some were just not thought about or not included due to the floor changing from concrete to timber. The contingency is now at 6%.

removal of extra bricks
due to changing from concrete slab to timber floor and not requiring fill
Sub floor ventilation
Just to be on the safe side
Extra steel
So house didn't fall down
Centor retractable screen
To keep flies out and not look as ugly as convential flyscreens
Wanted Namlam timber veneer, good runners etc etc
Roofline dictated this change and was unavoidable - not us changing our minds
Power for Pump in Pit (100%)
Unknown/not allowed for
Light under Floor near Pit (100%)
Unknown/not allowed for
Power & Timer for Ventilation Fan (100%)
Unknown/not allowed for
Gerni side wall
We were going to do this ourselves but ran out of time
Power to street
Not allowed for
Additional electrical (ac upstairs, cut tree for wires)
Not allowed for
Front of house repair brickwork
Didn't know it was in such a bad state and just painting over it would look dodgy
Front of house rendering (putting sandstone look lines put in)
ditto above
Ply in wall for shelves and TV bracket
Wall behind so bad that they would not be able to support the shelves and TV without something more to drill into
Unknown/not allowed for
Windows extra
Still don't know what this is
Not yet paid so may be less - haa haa haa, what a funny joke!


  1. I keep an ongoing list just like this of what I hope it will cost and what it actually cost! Need to keep an eye on the expenses when renovating and building as they sure do add up. You best pay that sewer bill it might come back to bite you :)

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