Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Who let the dogs out – roof roof roof

The back section of roof went on this week; it’s not the prettiest roof ever but it is low maintenance and inexpensive. The roof is a combination of Trimdek, Custom Orb and Klip-lok; Custom Orb will also be the product used on the front of the house and what is seen from the street.
I am used to colourbond and have not seen many house with Zincalume but if Trevor thinks it will look ok I will have to trust him. I think I’ll take out my sample pots of exterior paint colours to make sure it looks ok with the roof colour – or lack thereof.
We will be able to see the back roof from our bedroom window but some sheer curtains will solve any glare issues and I really wanted a nice big window. Councils and Basix don’t seem to like direct sunlight into rooms but I most certainly do and I’m not worried that the view is not the best.

View from master bedroom

This section will have three skylights cut into it
We should be nice and toasty with all that insulation

Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's the 3rd door on the left

Ever been told that the bathroom is the 3rd door on the left, only to get to the end of the hall and there are doors everywhere. Nothing worse than opening the wrong door and peeing on someone’s bed…..even just opening the wrong door is a bit embarrassing.
So what to do???
I have purchased these amazing toilet and laundry signs for our doors from Mooza Designs. They come in heaps of different colours and patterns. They also make great signs for the kitchen, house numbers etc

 I think they are very cute and a great way to support a local business.

Outdoor dining dilemma - July 2012

So the problem is that I know exactly what I want and after much searching have found it....why is it that I always like the things I can't afford.

Cancun Ali Dining Table
Cancun dining table from Globe West $2000

Boracay Round Occasional Chair
Globe West Boracay Round Occasional Chair approx $700 each, thought one of these on each end of the table would be great (in white) for more relaxed seating for Mr R and I

Cancun Ali Dining Chair
Cancun Ali Dining Chair = approx $400 each
So now I need to work out where to find something similar for half the price or less.

Getting a handle on it

Wardrobe handles – what to do? 6 months ago I was all for long handles but it appears the look is now a lot more streamlined, like kitchens I suppose. I’m always trying to think that I don’t want fittings that are very trendy and go out of fashion in a year but then I don’t want to put in ones that are already on their way out.

My current thought is lamb tongue handles, either one of each door or only on each 2nd door. If only on each 2nd door, you have to open one to open the other…..will this be a major pain or something that just becomes habit?

Da Na Na Na Na Na Na Na…….(Batman)

The Dynamic Duo (not sure who would want to be Robin though – Dean or Trevor) came to the rescue again, this time saving the head height in the 2nd bedroom (aka Ms J’s girly dressing room).

Due to council regs, we had to keep the roof over the 2nd bedroom low enough that it could not be seen from the street front; this proved very difficult in practice. After deciding on a slimmer profile roofing product and other special builder things that I don’t understand, they kept the head height to 2.4 metres (and therefore a habitable room which of course means a lot if we ever had to sell).

It made me realise, yet again, how we could not do without the Dynamic Duo putting their heads together to solve the many issues that arise in dealing with a 100+ year old house.