Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Who let the dogs out – roof roof roof

The back section of roof went on this week; it’s not the prettiest roof ever but it is low maintenance and inexpensive. The roof is a combination of Trimdek, Custom Orb and Klip-lok; Custom Orb will also be the product used on the front of the house and what is seen from the street.
I am used to colourbond and have not seen many house with Zincalume but if Trevor thinks it will look ok I will have to trust him. I think I’ll take out my sample pots of exterior paint colours to make sure it looks ok with the roof colour – or lack thereof.
We will be able to see the back roof from our bedroom window but some sheer curtains will solve any glare issues and I really wanted a nice big window. Councils and Basix don’t seem to like direct sunlight into rooms but I most certainly do and I’m not worried that the view is not the best.

View from master bedroom

This section will have three skylights cut into it
We should be nice and toasty with all that insulation


  1. Looks like you installed the roof pretty good. Kudos to you for doing a good work. How’s it by the way? Good thing about that roof is its low maintenance requirement. Just make sure to coat it once every six months or so to further keep it protected from harsh weather.

    Neil Hirsh

    1. We will be using a very special coating to protect the roof, commonly known as rainwater with a bit of bird and bat poo