Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I can see the light - June 2012

Have started purchasing items for the new house, picked up a day bed on ebay for my dressing room (otherwise known as bedroom 2) and am waiting the arrival of my custom made pendant light for the master bedroom ($575 60cm x 40cm). The pendant should look great against the grey/sage green walls.

Orchid pendant light by Alex Earl

Thinking of this for over the bath but will probably be vetoed by Mr R who hates 'seeing the bulb' - he might like the price though at only $171, maybe I can bribe him with some red wine

So love the antler pendant but don't really know where it could go ($895 from Schots Home Emporium).

 At least we are sorted for the dining area, quite a statement but we both love it. We purchased it at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and bought it home in our carry on luggage.


  1. The bribe would need to be a case of grange to go for the wire light

  2. I love the orchid pendant light, it is beautiful!

  3. I bought a standing/hanging lamp like this, they are absolutely gorgeous! I agree theyre quite a statement and am not quite sure how it will fit into the new house.