Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Racing towards the finish line.....

Only days before practical completion will be called - 24th December as per the contract, no one thought it would be possible but Dean the super builder and his awesome team, Mark, Strider and Mitch have done it.

I couldn't take inside photos today as the top coating (tung oil) had been applied but I took some outside ones (and through the window). Basically everything is ready inside with a bit of finishing off by the Joiner etc to do. A few things will have to wait until next year - the mirrored splashback due to powerpoint issue, front security door, outside painting (just the back will be done so our puppies will be safe). Not too worried about the painting not being complete as the painter is quite a tasty morsel and a pleasure to have around (actually there is a bit of eye candy on site but I won't elaborate in case any of them read this). So ladies if you are looking for a perve just spend a huge amount of money and renovate your house.

The most important job is complete - I have hammock hooks ready and fridge with ice maker is being delivered on Friday!

Ready for painting and new palisade front fence
 Side path painted 'Bluestone' - architect's nightmare but if it means I don't have to clean it so often then I'm happy
Spotted gum floors just finished today -loving our grey (Obsidian Glass) wall and 4.4 metre long entertainment unit

Trevor decided the pergola needed more pop and so it was changed and painted the wall colour above, looks way better. The roofing is some sort of Twinwall type product in a grey colour. Think we will spend a lot of time out there.
Our beautiful and real (not pool fence) front fence - a total extravagance but I think it will make a huge difference to the street appeal.

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