Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'm buying a stairway to heaven

It’s been about a month since my last post and things have started motoring along.

Timber floors has been installed (after sitting for a few weeks to ‘acclimatise’) and look amazing, wide board (130mm) select NSW spotted gum. We could have saved a bit of money going with a cheaper timber but we really love the look of spotted gum.

The staircase was installed on Tuesday, also spotted gum, and even though it is not very wide I think it feels quite generous and it looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see how all the timber comes up when it’s sanded etc. We are utilising the space under the stair for a walk in pantry and cellar – the head height is better than expected which is super news – more wine!!!!

Roughing in by plumber and electrician is complete; gyprocking will be happening upstairs this week so too late now for any changes (unless we want to pay for them) so fingers crossed. We dedicated quite a bit of time at the planning stage for electrical and hopefully this will pay off, but I suppose we won’t know until we move in.

The front roof has been replaced – terracotta tiles (which would not have been original) with zincalume.

Lots of brick work, finishing off the parapets – brick wall thingyies the go above the roof line, laundry door way, bathroom doorway cut out, all the small windows installed. The big doors at the back will go in this week, can’t wait to see how they look. The skylights should also be installed this week and that should make a huge difference to the light inside; it’s already very light and bright but should be even better.

Bathroom sheeting upstairs is pretty much complete and the space looks great. Love my little atrium, not sure the builder is that keen J
Atrium in ensuite

Waste for freestanding bath
This is where the kitchen will be and looking into the walk in pantry/cellar under the stairs
Master bedroom with lovely big north facing window
Master bedroom - where wardrobe will be
 I’m starting to think more about decorating stuff – I really hope we have some money left but there have been a few extras, no individual item has cost a lot but it all adds up. A few extras have been subfloor ventilation (we wanted this to ensure we absolutely had no mould issues), moving the mains power, extra steel (better than house falling down) and few odds and bods.

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